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YouTube Video Deck

Best way to manage your YouTube subscriptions perfectly!
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What is YouTube Video Deck

YouTube Video Deck (YTVD) is a service which greatly improves user experience for users, subscribed to multiple YouTube video channels.

The YouTube Video Deck bridges this gap with its unique approach which helps users tracking novelties on their subscribed channels. Videos are shown in very transparent manner, without any unnecessarities. Newly published videos are displayed automatically and user is notified about that. Most of the time newly published videos appear in YouTube Video Deck sooner than on official YouTube page.

YouTube Video Deck behaviour can be easily personalized. Selection of different channels, automatic removal of already viewed and simple history browsing are just a few of its advantages. This innovative approach and service quality already convinced more than 191.500 users.

YouTube Video Deck Features

  • Don't miss any videos
  • Customize your feed
  • Manage watched videos
  • Live video statistics
  • Use different devices
  • Be alerted about new videos
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YouTube Video Deck Easiest way to follow videos of your favorite YouTube subscriptions. YTVDLogo